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Wooden Portable Horse Stable Playset

Wooden Portable Horse Stable Playset

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Take this beautifully made horse set and stable anywhere. This neat little playset packs up and doubles up as a carry case, with easy to hold rope handles. Inside you'll find everything a horse lover would wish for, with horse, jumping fences, blankets, bucket, broom and shovel, all the tools you need to look after your equine friends.

Your child will have hours of play value with this horse playset. this set encourages play, such an important part of early childhood learning where children are given the opportunity to explore, enquire, discover and get a sense of the world around them. Playsets also encourage roleplaying and storytelling, a great way for children to express themselves and their ideas.

This horse playset is beautifully crafted from timber and felt. Each wooden playset comes with 2 horses, 2 jumping fences, 2 felt blankets, a bucket, a spade, a broom, a fork, a trough and a wheelbarrow.

Each wooden Horse Stable Playset from Kaper Kidz is made from timber, finished to the highest quality and painted in child safe, non toxic paint.

Age 3+

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